Chef 'coats are the most important part of the Chef uniform, designed to keep the chef safe. The jacket is double-breasted, so it can be turned inside out if there too many stains are on it. The jacket  is made-out of a double layer of cotton so it can insulate the chefs' body against the incredible heat from the stove or from the spill or splatters that may occur throughout the day. Chef jackets with long sleeves protect arms from burns and enable the chef to use the sleeve as an oven mitt if they have to touch something hot or need to protect their hand when reaching over an open flame. Long sleeves also offer improved functionality with extra space for things like a thermometer pocket. It is made of high quality, double-thick cotton, usually fire-resistant. Our chef coats are made of 230 GSM PV fabric which ensures that chefs are comfortable in their uniform along with providing them safety in kitchen. 

  • S, M, L, XL,XXL
  • White, Black, Navy Blue, Maroon, Grey

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