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Various businesses operating in food & beverages are adopting paper-based food packaging materials due to their environmentally-friendly nature. This shift is in line with their goals to decrease the use of plastic in packaging. Procurit is a leading paper-based food packaging products manufacturer that is entirely eco-friendly and can be used for both indirect and food packaging purposes. We collaborate with our customers to fine-tune and enhance our products to meet their specific needs. The food packaging sector is undergoing a significant transformation. Consumers now demand that their preferred brands adopt more environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives, but for these brands, the process is not always easy. Testing the suitability of sustainable packaging materials for food is a complicated and time-consuming procedure.

Thus Procurit is providing them with environment-friendly food packaging products to attract more customers by showing their responsibility towards the environment and prioritizing maintaining the quality of food that degrades due to plastic packaging. We are a leading player in manufacturing paper packaging products and known as a renowned business as paper box manufacturer, paper bag manufacturers etc. Numerous food businesses view switching to paper-based food packaging as the logical next move to achieve their sustainability objectives and reduce the use of single-use plastics in their packaging. Since paper can be easily recycled, it is an environmentally-friendly material that also offers unexpected technical advantages and features, making it a desirable option. Consequently, we anticipate a considerable increase in the adoption of paper-based packaging materials in the future.

Benefits of Using Paper-Based Food Packaging Materials

More Biodegradable Than Other Materials
More Biodegradable Than Other Materials

Compared to other packaging materials, particularly plastic, the paper has a faster rate of biodegradation. This indicates that paper packaging can decompose rapidly in natural settings through the actions of microorganisms like bacteria and yeast.

Paper Packaging Makes Products More Attractive

When it comes to choosing a product based on its packaging, paper and cardboard are the top preferences among consumers. Paper and cardboard packaging are more appealing than other materials used for packaging products as paper can be easily moulded to give innovative designs.

Highly Durable
Highly Durable

Paper bags are both durable and eco-friendly, while cardboard boxes are capable of withstanding heavy weights and staying upright. Furthermore, modern paper packaging can effectively preserve the freshness of the contents inside. With paper packaging, it is possible to seal in flavours while preventing pests from entering.


Paper is considered to be one of the most easily recyclable materials globally. After use, paper packaging can be repurposed for various purposes, including wrapping paper, fiberboard, and paper sacks.

Our Wide Range of Paper Food Packaging Products

paper bags
Paper Bags

We are offering paper bags of different sizes that are convenient to carry. We as a leading paper bags manufacturer ensures that produces durable paper bags with high quality materials. You can put the logo of your brand or any quote that resembles your business that will help in establishing your brand among the target audience.

Paper Box
Paper Box

We as a leading paper box manufacturer offers such boxes in different sizes through which you can pack your food item by maintaining its freshness and quality. The wide range of our paper boxes includes cake packing boxes, sandwich boxes, pizza boxes etc.

Paper Tubs
Paper Tubs

Our paper tubs are non-leaking and fully disposable. These paper tubs will be made-up of the recyclable paper and comes in different sizes. You can customize these paper tubs as per your business requirements as we manufacture these in different sizes.

Paper Cups
Paper Cups

As a leading paper cups manufacturer in India, we offers wide range of paper cups in different which are customizable and suitable for cafes, restaurants, caterers or any other food-outlet. By buying these eco-friendly cups from us, you can bring the flexibility to your business through adopting sustainable business practices.

Paper Wristbands Party City
Paper Wristbands Party City

We are a well-known paper wristbands manufacturer in India. Our paper wristbands are great for using it for your private parties as they will be comfortable, waterproof and fully customizable. If you are owning a business of theme parks, water parks, hotels or resort, we are offering with the affordable paper wristbands.


Yes, paper bags are good for food. They are easy to carry and durable. These paper bags are eco-friendly as well as cost-efficient. These paper food packaging products can be customized as per businesse’s requirements.
Yes, paper bags are eco-friendly as they are made with recyclable and biodegradable materials. You as an entrepreneur can start using such apps to implement sustainable business practices.
There are various advantages of paper bags that are listed as follows:
  • Recyclable and Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-efficient option
  • Durable
  • Easy to carry
  • Customizable
  • Promotes business by establishing brand image
Kraft paper is the best paper to make bags as this paper is thicker and is available in the market in various colors & variants.
There are wide range of paper products that Procurit manufactures such as paper bags, paper box, paper tubs, paper cups, paper wristbands etc.
Yes, Procurit is a leading paper box manufacturer company and offer the paper boxes in different dimensions and sizes. You can be able to customize your paper boxes according to the business requirements by putting logo or any quote.
There are various industries that use paper box packaging including food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, stationery, e-commerce etc.
Yes, paper cups can be recycled as they are eco-friendly and made up of biodegradable materials.
No, there is not any harm using paper-made products. Although using paper products will be having lots of benefits as they will establish your brand image among your target audience.
Yes, paper tubs are lightweight and durable that would guarantee that the items does not get harmed during transportation.

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